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The Sargent Project
The "I Am" Community Renewal Project
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We have been dealing with families who have no home for around 14 years. It is
a natural evolution to expand to those who may own homes, but due to hardship,
may not be able to maintain their home in a safe & sanitary manner. I own a
plumbing company, and it has given me a unique perspective on the community
around me. I am often called out to homes that look a little ragged on the outside,
but seem livable. But when I walk through the door, it becomes evident that the
people on the inside are barely making it. I've seen holes in floors, no heating &
airconditioning, unsanitary plumbing conditions, dangerous electrical connections,
gas leaks, roof leaks, insect & rodent infestations, broken windows, broken doors,
& broken hearts.

Quite often the owners are the elderly, or single moms who can't quite make enough
money to feed the kids & keep the home in good repair. I often see little children
living in third world poverty... right here in my own back yard! I've had people resignedly say that they would have to live with the overflowing toilets, because they can't afford to pay the plumbing bill. Of course, I would never leave someone in that situation and do nothing, but there's only so much I can do alone. Thus, the "I Am" Community Renewal Project was born. It is our goal to recruit like-minded professionals from all walks of life to share their skills, money & time, and reach out to those in our communities that have been overlooked or ignored.

In my church alone, we have builders, HVAC installers, plumbers, painters, electricians, flooring professionals, roofers, and plenty of willing labor. There are lawyers & doctors, and folks from every walk of life, that could make a huge difference in someone's life, if they would only donate a little of their time, skills, and/or money. Think of how many churches and other charitable organizations are in our communities. Enough to totally wipe out this kind of poverty, if each only gave a little. Our vision is to form an organization of volunteers (professional & non-professional), to go out to these homes & meet real needs in the community. We want to build a network of churches, community centers, & non-profit organizations to help with financing, identifying willing volunteers and qualified recipients. We want to look at each home as a place where real people, just like us, have needs that they cannot meet themselves. We not only want to rebuild, or repair their home, we want to help rebuild their hope as well, by leveraging the gifts of our volunteers, and strategic partners to meet needs unique to the individual.

Perhaps they have medical problems & no insurance. Somewhere out there, there's a doctor who might donate some of his/her time to help someone in need. Maybe it's a mechanic who can get an old car running well enough to get it's owner to work, or to medical appointments. A couselor out ther might have a few extra minutes to listen to someone who needs to talk. I could go on & on. This is NOT dreaming, it's becoming a reality. We recently started our first project without funding, utilizing my personal professional contacts, and my church's resources. Please click on the Sargent Project above to see what has been done with nearly nothing to start with. We hope that you'll throw your lot in with us, and help us to become a blessing to our communities, and a Bringers of Hope to all who need it.

We chose to call our community renewal project the "I Am" Project because "I Am" is the name of God, and you cannot take the name of God in vain. Thus, "I Am" sent me, I am willing, and because "I Am" sent me, I am powerful! There is great power in the individual; because each of us are of the same nature as our creator; we can become creators ourselves. Get a bunch of us together... and we cannot fail!
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