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Update: Hope for the Hearings
Resurrecting Hope Through Human Investment
This is David Hearing. David is the 11 year-old son of Paul & Heather Hearing, and brother to his 9 year-old sister Kayla. David was born with Microcephaly. Microcephaly is a medical condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing. It has impeded his mental development, and hindered development of his core motor skills, confining him to a wheel chair. He developed a seizure disorder as a toddler, and can suffer over 100 seizures a day. His hair is literally turning gray from the strain. His father Paul is a stay at home dad, while his mother Heather works part time at Walmart. They receive some benefits from Social Security, Medicaid, and food stamps, though their food stamps were just reduced because Mrs. Hearing makes too much money at her part-time job. Read more... you can help!
David Hearing, Age 11
We just completed our 16th annual Mission Christmas Project It was an amazing success! What a blessing it has been to us, and to hundreds of homeless women and children! This year we raised money to help homeless women who live with their children at the Atlanta Mission, shop for their children for Christmas. We gave each mother the ability to give her child a gift that she picks out and wraps. This year we gave to almost 300 women and children! We gave these mothers the gift of dignity by enabling them to give to their children for Christmas. Though we have altered the format of the project, our purpose is unwaivering... though it is our mission to give dignity. our purpose is to demonstrate God's unfailing love for them, and to resurrect Hope in their hearts that God made this world for them too! ******DONATE / VOLUNTEER.******
2011 Mission Christmas Project
Update: Loganville Woman Without Water For 3 Years!
It had been three years since Peggy Lackey had running water in her home.
That's three years without a shower, a flushable toilet, a way to wash clothes
or clean dishes. She depended on family to bring her jugs of water once or
twice a week. The shallow well on her property went dry three years ago, and
county water service is not currently available to her due to the prohibitive
cost of getting a meter installed, and running a water line. Her trailer had no
heating & air system, and she had to endure stifling heat, often 100
degrees or more. We recently repaired her well, and she was able to turn on her kitchen faucet after 3 long, dry years!
This year we along with S&H Mechanical replaced her heating and air system. We partnered with CATG & Brigadier Roofing to replace her roof, front stairs and deck. We assist her with gas for her car so she can visit her doctor and drive herself to church.
I am so grateful to be a part of this project! We really do bring dignity to these mothers, and change lives in the doing. A couple of years ago one of the women aproached my co-founder Gardner Biddle and said "you don't know what this means to me; I sold my body last Christmas to get my child a bycycle!" Can you imagine that kind of desperation? There is an innate need for a parent to give to their children; to give love, security, and a home. It is hard when you can't supply two out of the three. But the kids adjust and love you anyway. When Christmas comes around, there is an overwhelming desire to make their life as normal as possible. For them to experience Christmas like other kids do; a desire so great that you'll do almost anything to give them that gift of "normal". Times are hard right now and I, like most of you, am struggling to make it. My children are blessed to have a home, security, and the love of a mom and a dad. I am truly blessed and grateful that I am able to provide that "normal" for them. So grateful that I want to help others experience it. It's sad to me that the longer I do this the more I find that my "normal" isn't normal. - Dave
There are still several crucial outstanding repairs estimated at approx. $7,500.00. Your donations have allowed us to make a huge difference in her life! There is still more to do for her, and others like her. We can do it with your help!
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UPDATE: Due to the hard work of Res-Hope volunteer extroidinaire Patti F., the Hearings receieved a $9,000.00+ grant from the Walton Foundation in Walton County, to buy a specially equipped van for David. They now have greater mobility, and no longer have to lift 80lb David in and out of the car. We are continuing to work with them to totally equip their home with mobility equipment and other devises to make theirs and David's life easier. Thank you donors and volunteers!
•ue to health issues on my part (Dave), we did not have a major renovation project this year, and are a little late putting together the Mission Christmas Project. For that, I humbly apologize. But we have made an impact this year thanks to your help. Some of the behind the scenes activities were:

• We purchased vehicle fuel for several senior citizens who could not afford it.
• We purchased food for several senior citizens who could not afford it.
• We paid an emergency room bill for an elderly woman who fell and suffered for a week because she couldn't afford care.
• We assisted a woman and her children whose husband went to prison, leaving them to fend for themselves.
• We provided extermination services for a family caring fora severely disabled child - roaches would crawl on him at night.
• We made more repairs to Ms. Peggy's mobile home to improve her quality of life (see below.)
• We put a roof on Ms Mattie's home, rebuilt her crumbling bathroom, and installed a furnace to keep her grandbaby warm.
• We assisted a self-employed,single mom, stroke victim with her childs tuition expense.
• We sponsored an at-risk child's membership into a baseball league who otherwise would not have that available to him.
• We are assisting newly formed Life Pack ministries in their hands-on outreach to the homeless in Atlanta.
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Resurrecting Hope joined our friends at Church at the Grove in Loganville, GA, to pair local "at risk" children with police officers and fire-fighters in Church at the Grove's annual "Shop With A Hero" project. Church at the Grove purchases $100 Walmart card for each child, and pairs them with a local police officer for a Christmas shopping trip at Loganville Walmart. The shopping trip provides an opportunity for the children to interact with officers and fire-fighters in a non-threatening environment, and promotes awareness among the officers and fire-fighters. Over 100 children got to hang out with a hero this year! Please donate and join us next year at Loganville Walmart... guaranteed to be the safest place in town on that day!

2011 Update
Update: "Shop With A Hero"
The event was held at Brown Memorial Baptist Church located directly beside Atlanta Mission's My Sisters House. Adr: 963 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30318 - We wish to express our gratitude for their assistance!
Happy Future Hero
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