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Resurrecting Hope Through Human Investment
Hope for the Hearings
I first met the Hearings on the recommendation of a neighbor. I found them to be very friendly and welcoming; just another family struggling to get by... on the outside. On the inside lay a desperate struggle for two proud parents who are not accustomed to asking for anything that they could get on their own. Aside from being late on their trailer lot rent, their bills are paid... but that takes every penny to pull off. The mini-van they normally use to transport David and his sister Kayla is out of commission due to a dead battery they can't afford to replace. They have a old sedan that Heather drives to work, but it is difficult get David in and out of, and they have to disassemble his wheelchair to get it in the trunk. Both vehicles require that they physically lift him in and out; they have no special equipment. With David now weighing over 75lbs, that task is becoming harder each day.
This is David Hearing. David is the 11 year-old son of Paul & Heather Hearing, and brother to his 9 year-old sister Kayla. David was born with Microcephaly. Microcephaly is a medical condition in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly or has stopped growing. It has impeded his mental development, and hindered development of his core motor skills, confining him to a wheel chair. He developed a seizure disorder as a toddler, and can suffer over 100 seizures a day. His hair is literally turning gray from the strain. His father Paul is a stay at home dad, while his mother Heather works part time at Walmart. They receive some benefits from Social Security, Medicaid, and food stamps, though their food stamps were just reduced by half because Mrs. Hearing makes too much money at her part-time job, and a recent move reduced their lot rent.
David Hearing, Age 11
Kayla, David, Paul & Heather Hearing
Getting David in & out of the car is the easy part. They have to lift him to get him in & out of his wheelchair, bathtub and bed. The home is not equipped for disabled child. Because of the frequency of David's seizures, getting a few minutes to themselves is impossible. Most of their family and friends are understandably afraid to babysit David because of his condition, and the family friend who did volunteer, stole David's seizure medicine. Their home is sparsely furnished, clean and well kept. There are no 60" televisions with surround sound, huge stereo system and rented furniture which I often encounter when assessing a potential new project. It is evident that they sincerely try to hold their own. When I asked them how I could help them, the looked at each other and shrugged, as if they had everything they needed. Perhaps, in a way they do.
David often has over 100 seizures a day.
It was almost like pulling teeth to get them to tell me about the late lot rent, and the dead car battery. There was one thing I was pretty sure about, they need a break! I asked them when they last had some alone time without the kids; they couldn't remember a specific time. I asked them what they would do if they could get away for a little while, and Heather said she would like to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Paul said "whatever she wants would be good with me." Heather said that she loves to write books, (she even had one published), and given the chance would love to start writing again. But for now, those are just dreams. The reality is that David requires an enormous amount of attention, not to mention their daughter Kayla, who needs their attention too. For now, that's just the way it is.

David attends special education, and receives a limited amount of occupational & speech therapy. He is seen by his doctors once every six months, mainly to monitor his condition. It is my impression that most of his therapy and treatment is maintenance.
David & I Share a Laugh (Sorry for sideways)
I do not wish to disparage the therapy or treatment that he currently receives, for I am sure that he receives best care that is available to him based on what his family can afford. It is my hope and prayer that by taking on this project, we might enhance the treatment he receives by attracting medical professionals who may have a solution to his ever-present seizures, or a more pro-active approach towards improving his and his family's quality of life. I truly believe that there is a solution to every problem as long as you keep seeking it. Between God and everyone who this message touches, I expect a miracle!

Their financial situation is hard as well. Mrs. Hearing could possibly get on full-time at Walmart at some point in the future. Paul might be able to find a part-time carpentry job during the few hours that David is at school. The problem is that if they find a way to make a little more money, they risk losing more David's benefits because of the increased income. David's medication alone costs over $3,000.00/mo. The money they saved on lot rent when they moved quickly evaporated when their food stamps were cut in half as the result of the savings and Heather's $0.40/hr pay raise. How can we help without making it worse? That is what Resurrecting Hope specializes in. People with solutions read our stories and contact us to help. God always seems to get it in front of the right people. Are you the right person?

How Can You Help?

You can make a donation; there are ways we can help financially.
Are you a medical professional that works with patient like David (or do you know one)?
Are you familiar with Social Security Benefits or other programs that may offer assistance?
Are you a licensed health professional that works as an in-home nurse or assistant?
Do you have handicap equipment that you could donate (or know someone who does?)
Do you or someone you know have a handicap equipped vehicle that you could donate?
Do you have a nice new/used livingroom suite you could donate to the family?
Is some other idea or service that you think would help?

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this project
or have information that would help us.

Visit our Photo Gallery for more pictures of David and his family.

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